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Killer Robots...a band on a mission

The year was 1920, Karel Capek and his brother Josef coin the term robot in what is now the Czech Republic. Robot is derived from the word rab, meaning "slave". In Czech, the term translates to forced labour, the kind that serfs had to perform on their masters' lands. 


Fast-forward 100 years and the global robot revolution is in full swing. Legions of robots have been created. Some are created to do the work that humans no longer are able or want to do. Others are created to kill


Two of these Killer Robots (KRB60304 and KRV60515) were removed from service for extreme violations and placed in the Midwest Facility for Decommissioned Robots. Having achieved free will, these two robots escaped incarceration and have chosen to live out the remainder of their battery life creating music. This is in direct violation of Title VI, Section XII of the The Department of Killer Robot Administration Code of Conduct and is a threat to popular music as we know it.


We are Killer Robots…and we play rock and roll.

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